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Cox Technic Resource Center Inc offers the following products in support of the back pain specialist's practice: 
Textbooks / DVD on Technique
Low Back Pain, 7th edition
NEW! Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain, 4th ed., #17N
Pelvic Pain and Organic Dysfunction: The PPOD Syndrome
Cox Technic Demonstration DVD 100 Mins. 2013
Research Pearls
Cox Monthly Research Pearls - WRITTEN #36
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Cox Monthly Research Pearls - WRITTEN plus AUDIO #36WA
Be sure to give us your email!
PATIENT EDUCATION - Booklets, Brochures
Low Back & Leg Pain Booklets #11
Neck & Arm Pain Booklets #12
Cox® Technic for Spinal Pain Management Brochures #10
Cox® Technic for Cervical Spine & Arm Pain Relief Brochures #9
Cox® Technic for Low Back & Leg Pain Relief Brochures #8
Brochures Holder
50 sheets/pack - 50% Rule
*Sold at wholesale to healthcare providers.  
Please call to place an order. 1-800-441-5571
Click Here for more info on each supplement (all supplements are in capsule form)
  1. NEW! Discat Plus ENHANCED - 500mg GS/400mg CS per serving
  2. Discat Plus - 500mg GS/100mg CS per serving
  3. Discat - 50mg GS/100mg CS per serving
  4. Formula ONE Daily Multiple
  5. Formula #2 Calcium Citrate/D3/Magnesium
  6. Flax Plus Fiber
  7. NEW! Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex Enhanced - 800mg Curcumin per serving
Discat Plus ENHANCED Brochures (NEW 4/17)
 Discat Plus Brochure Holder #72 
Holder #72 Purchase Options
Formula One Brochures
Disc & Joint Pain Relief Brochures
Purchase OPTIONS for Supplement Brochure Holder
T Bar $20
X-ray Diagnostic FOOT LIFTS For Short Leg Analysis
The Disc Poster
Causes of Low Back Pain Poster
Cervical Spine Diagnosis Poster
Thoracic Spine Diagnosis Poster
Treatment Plan Expectations Poster

PSCP Poster
Cox Technic Poster - Full Color
NEW Spinal Stenosis Poster
Powerpoint Back School - 144 Slides
RED Cox Low Back Exercise Guide 50/pad #18
NEW Cox Low Back Exercise Guide 50/pad #18N
Cox® Low Back Exercise DVD #18DVD
Cox® Neck Exercise Guide 50/pad GREEN #19
Master CD Flash of Cox Technic for LB, CS, FBSS, Preg, Effects
Updated ROF Software SPECIAL!
Examination Forms CD
Subjective Questionaires Packet CD
Powerpoint Lumbar Spine with Narration 122 slides
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