Research Opportunities

Clinical Data Collection Studies

Opportunities for field doctors to participate in chiropractic research, specifically flexion distraction research, can add an exciting dimension to your chiropractic practice.

doctor upclose Your help is needed.
Your clinical experience is valuable.
are invited to participate in a clinical data collection research project.

Recent Projects:
The post-surgical study with 16 chiropractic physicians who gathered data on care of 69 patients was completed in 2016 and published in the J of Chiropractic Medicine.

The post surgical study with 42 chiropractic physicians who were gathering data on care of all new post-surgical continued back pain patients commenced in 2017 and was put on hold in late 2017 with data on 34 PSCP patients collected.
A current study is being developed at Palmer Research Center on gathering data on lumbar spine patients with an emphasis on post-surgical patients.  Interested chiropractic physicians are welcome to participate! (The commencement date is to be determined yet.) Contact Julie.
Thank you for your consideration.