If you’re a physician practicing flexion-distraction and decompression, Cox Technic is your single comprehensive source of chiropractic resources. Here online you’ll find …

  • Cox Technic Complete - the complete program for the Cox Technic flexion-distraction and decompression practice offering seminar discounts, office forms, patient forms, exercise sheets to offline marketing materials like powerpoint presentations and newspaper ads to an online, Cox-written content-filled website ready for your personalization
  • Cox Technic Products  - textbooks, demo DVDs, patient education books and brochures, posters, nutritional supplements, etc.
  • The Cox Table - The Cox Table 8 is your instrument, your chiropractic flexion-distraction table.
  • Premium Referral Directory - Personalized webpage on
  • News – the latest research and clinical data, updates from certified Cox Technic practitioners about their practices, and other information of interest
  • Events – upcoming workshops, convention presentations, and other venues relative to Cox Technic
  • Seminars – dates, locations, and schedules of presentations covering the evidence, experience, and excellence of chiropractic protocols to elevate your clinical outcomes
  • Interviews with Dr. Cox – audio and video clips of Dr. Cox discussing chiropractic protocols and outcomes, the history of Cox Technic, the origin of the The Cox7 Table and plans for its further development, and other related topics
  • FAQs – with answers about Cox Technic
  • Downloads – articles on Cox Technic protocols, chiropractic reports (case, trial, and follow-up), and published articles relative to biomechanical, clinical, and longer-term outcomes
  • Adjunct Resources – a listing of items commonly used in chiropractic practice to enhance patient compliance and care … with links to providers
  • Classifieds/Used Tables/Used Cox Tables – listings of used flexion distraction tables and other chiropractic equipment for sale by the owners
  • Blog – personal observations on Cox Technic and related chiropractic issues from various contributors

For additional information on flexion-distraction and decompression chiropractic resources, contact Cox Technic.