If you’re a physician practicing flexion-distraction and decompression, Cox® Technic is your single comprehensive source of chiropractic resources. Here online you’ll find …

  • Cox® Technic Complete - The complete program for the Cox® Technic flexion-distraction and decompression practice. Offering seminar discounts, office forms, patient forms, exercise sheets, PowerPoint presentations and newspaper ads, plus an online, Cox-written content-filled website ready for your personalization!
  • Cox® Technic Products  - Textbooks, demo DVDs, patient education booklets and brochures, posters, nutritional supplements, etc.
  • The Cox® Table - The Cox® Table 8 is your instrument, your chiropractic flexion-distraction table.
  • Premium Referral Directory - Personalized webpage on
  • News – The latest research and clinical data, updates from Certified Cox® Technic practitioners about their practices, and other information of interest
  • Events – List of upcoming Seminars, workshops, webinars, and special presentations on Cox® Technic
  • Seminars – What are Cox® Seminars all about...Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Honors Course, and workshops?
  • Interviews with Dr. Cox – Audio and video clips of Dr. Cox discussing chiropractic protocols and outcomes, the history of Cox® Technic, the origin of the The Cox® Table and plans for its further development, and other related topics
  • FAQs – Answers to all those about What is Cox® Technic and more!
  • Downloads – Articles on Cox® Technic protocols, chiropractic reports (case, trial, and follow-up), and published articles relative to biomechanical, clinical, and longer-term outcomes
  • Adjunct Resources – A listing of items commonly used in chiropractic practice to enhance patient compliance and care … with links to providers
  • Classifieds/Used Tables/Used Cox Tables – Listings of used flexion distraction tables and other chiropractic equipment for sale by the owners
  • List of published articles

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