Safety Is Important

Haven Innovation builds in safety features to every Cox Table it manufactures. From simple labels reminding patients to not sit on the table's headpiece to not pushing buttons to the special safety strips under the table to halt the table's downward motion should they sense any pressure under them, The Cox Table is designed with safety in mind.

Being an FDA registered medical device made by an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, The Cox Table is made to high standards.  The registration process checks certain processes like GMPs (good manufacturing processes) and the like, but Haven Innovation makes its own demands toward extra standards of quality. Chiropractic table safety is always top-of-mind. Reviewing all the safety notices around the table and explaining the table to the office staff and patients is encouraged.

The Model 8 safety strips not only STOP the table's descent, but also have the table rise up if the strips come in contact with anything.

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