Dr. James Cox is offering 44 scholarships this year to attend a 2024 Cox® Technic Lumbar Spine Parts I/II Course: 11 scholarships to each of 4 courses. If any remain after a course, he’ll add it/them to the next one. 44 in total will be distributed this year.
The scholarships are for recent chiropractic college graduates with a chiropractic degree (within the past 2 years of the date you apply) to attend a Parts I/II Lumbar Spine Course (4 days) as a chiropractor ($1600) and take the certification test ($75). The total value is $1675.
Travel/accommodation/hotel/parking/incidental/food costs are not covered.


  1. Be a recent chiropractic graduate. (within the past 2 years of the date you apply) Send a picture of your DC diploma.
  2. Commit to attend all 4 days. (no exemptions due to Cox® instruction in past)
  3. Submit a statement of purpose. (250-500 words - What draws you to this technique?)
  4. Post-seminar: Submit a description of the experience and how it will impact your practice. (250 words) 

His mission is clear: To assist his younger colleagues in their transition from academia to clinical practice from reading about disc herniation cases to seeing cases presented, from spending the day preparing for clinical practice to interacting with experienced clinicians who are excited to share their clinical experience with you as you enter the chiropractic profession as a back pain specialist that the public expects. All instructors are clinical researchers and seasoned clinicians in active practice with diplomate status in orthopedics, radiology, sports medicine and rehabilitation, and diagnosis. The bonus: you’ll gather the latest in spine research findings and practice the evidence-based protocols of The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

If you come to the Fort Wayne course, Dr. Cox will see you there in person for a few hours. If you go to FL or MO, you’ll see him via a video message.

We will review applications, and you will be notified directly of acceptance by email at least a month in advance if not sooner. If you are unable to accept, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible, to allow someone else to benefit from the scholarship. Your scholarship cannot be used by anyone else.



March 14-17, 2024

West Palm Beach FL (Keiser)

April 18-21, 2024

Fort Wayne IN

October 24-27, 2024

St. Louis MO (Logan)

November 7-10, 2024

Fort Wayne IN

We look forward to receiving your application and seeing you at the course!

Questions? Contact Julie at (260)637-6609 or