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Trained Certified Cox® Technic System of Spine Pain Management Instructors offer: 
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* CE hours (Continuing Education hours) for onsite Parts I, II, III, IV, Honors Course, Workshops, and ONLINE are arranged with National University of Health Sciences for most states.
* LIVE ONSITE COURSES CE - If your state(s) requires specific hours [risk management or differential diagnosis or technique], please let us know so your attendance verification form specifically states as noted (if approved for your state).
*Videotaping and/or Audio Recording of any kind at a Cox® Seminar are prohibited.
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Recorded Webinars! - Miscellaneous Topics! Great for: CE credits, Recertification, or just to learn - $40-$55
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    2022 SCHEDULE  
December 174 hrs Temecula, CAHands-On Workshop - 4 hrs CE approved for CADr. HazenMore Info

  2023 Schedule  
Jan 21-2214 hrs West Palm Beach FLPart IV Thoracic SpineDr. Kruse
Feb 4-512 hrs TBACox® SeminarDrs. Cox, Kruse  
Feb 25-26, 202312 hrsMaui, HI Cox® Maui Overview/Honors Course Drs. Cox, Hazen
Mar 11-12 15 hrsWest Palm Beach FLPart II Lumbar SpineDrs. Kruse, Joachim
Mar 23-2630 hrsFort Wayne IN Parts I/II Lumbar SpineDrs. Cox, Joachim, Olding
Apr 20-23 30 hrs San Diego CAParts I/II Lumbar SpineDrs. Hazen, Olding 
Apr 29-3015 hrs Vancouver Canada Part I Lumbar SpineDr. Greenwood
Jun 10-11 15 hrsTBAPart I LumbarDrs. Hazen, Kruse 
Jul 15-16 14 hrs Fort Wayne INPart III Cervical SpineDrs. Cox, Joachim, Olding
Jul 29-30 14 hrsSan Diego CAPart III Cervical SpineDr. Hazen 
Sep 9-1014 hrsFort Wayne IN Part IV Thoracic SpineDrs. Cox, OldingMore Info Register
Sep 23-24 14 hrsWest Palm Beach FLPart III Cervical SpineDr. Kruse 
Oct 7-814 hrsSan Diego CAPart IV Thoracic SpineDr. Hazen
Oct 19-2230 hrs Fort Wayne, INPart I/II Lumbar SpineDrs. Cox, Joachim, Olding
Nov 4-515 hrsWest Palm Beach FLPart I Lumbar SpineDr. Kruse
Nov 11-1215 hrsTBAPart II LumbarDrs. Joachim, Olding 
*CE Credit applied for by:
Lincoln College of Postprofessional, Graduate and Continuing Education
200 E. Roosevelt Rd. ● Lombard, IL 60148 ● (630) 889 – 6622