Specifications of The Cox Table

Standard Specifications - See Model Options.
  1. Long Y-axis spine traction - manual or automated
  2. Long Y-axis cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine traction
  3. Cervical distraction with simple, comfortable restraint strap to hold occiput - smooth, free-floating unit (patent no. 6,638,299)
  4. Cervical cushions - eye cut-outs for comfort
  5. Cervical piece balanced for patient's head weight
  6. Unassisted intermittent long Y-axis traction with adjustable time and depth - allowing for extra unattended service 
  7. Specially designed adjustable cervical cushions for breathing ease and nose comfort
  8. Easily controlled powered caudal vertical balance system
  9. Dual elevation controls: finger buttons & foot switch
  10. Attached electric tape switch for automated distraction control
  11. Digital control membrane switches to program the time and distance for unattended intermittent distraction service
  12. Comfort cushioned grips for handles
  13. Thoracic Drop - manual actuation, adjustable tension control on right and left sides  (optional)
  14. Right and left side uniform locks
  15. Ranges of motion for cervical, thoracic, and lumbar distraction -  flexion, extension, lateral flexion, circumduction, rotation (cervical)
  16. Side-lying technique application ability
  17. Coordinated ankle cuff restraints with velcro
  18. Table length easily adjusts to patient height
  19. Blue or Black cushions

  BONUS:  Demonstration DVD with Dr. James Cox

Safety Features
  1. Safety stop on arm rest for patient control
  2. Balanced footing of table structure
  3. Fuse protected electrical system
  4. Fully enclosed mechanicals with durable shroud
  5. Electrical tape off switch on underside of cervical and caudal distraction pieces to stop table motion
Accommodation Specifications
  • The adaptable Cox®8 Table elevates and lowers for easy placement which accommodates patients with special limitations or needs.
  • The Cox8 Table design and cushion arrangement allow the application of  many techniques in addition to Cox Technic .

Exterior Specifications
  1. Easy-to-clean and sanitize vinyl upholstery
  2. Neutral off-white base color with chrome accents

  • Table length - 6' (fully retracted) / 7'8" (fully extended)
  • Cushion width -  22"
  • Width of arm rests (widest part of table) - 27"
  • Weight 600 lbs   66 cubic feet
  • Height  -  25" - 34" for standard base and 22" - 31" for low base
  • dimensions: 35" W x 83" L x 39" H
  • Cervical Motions:
    • 20° flexion
    • 15° extension
    • 20° lateral flexion - right or left
    • 20° rotation - each way off center
    • circumduction (combined lateral flexion and flexion)
  • Table Height Elevation -  24" minimum / 35 3/4" maximum
  • Caudal Motions:
    • 16° flexion
    • 8° extension
    • 5° lateral flexion - right or left
    • circumduction (combined lateral flexion and flexion)
  • 400 pound weight limit on up/down column mechanism
  • 400 pound weight limit on range of motion mechanisms in fully retracted position

Color Options*

  • Black (standard)
  • Hunter Green
  • Navy Blue (standard)
  • Burgundy
  • Beechwood Tan 

*Colors - Note that the real color may vary from these due to monitor settings. Black and blue are standard colors. Other colors are special order for $150.

Please Note: Design and price subject to change without notice.
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