The Cox Table - Model 8!

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 "Thank you so much for the pictures [of the Fort Wayne seminar]! Very enjoyable. WE’VE BEEN SO BUSY SINCE FT. WAYNE. The [new Cox8®] table is amazing!!!! What an incredible instrument. We love it, but more importantly, the patients love it. It’s more than you even made it out to be. Dr. Cox's seminar was life changing. Thank you so much, and all involved. What a great technique to teach and the research is so impressive! Thanks a million."
- Dr. Sandra Conard
Haven Innovation presents its chiropractic table, the 8th generation of The Cox® Table, The Cox8, and truly takes the best and makes it better! While The Cox7 Table is the benchmark chiropractic flexion distraction table for nearly a decade, The Cox8 Table® is primed to uphold and surpass that standard.

Introducing The Cox8 Table...

The Cox Table 8 brings with it innovations to please every flexion distraction physician and patient!  From the cushion covers to the wire covers, from the quiet motor to the gliding sections, from the comfort tipped locks to the responsive tiller bar, The Cox Table 8 is your instrument, your chiropractic flexion-distraction table.

7th edition Low Back Pain textbook by Dr. James Cox

Combining proven Cox® Technic flexion distraction protocols as developed by Dr. James Cox - highlighted in the newly released 7th edition textbook -  with The Cox8 Table makes for an unmatched chiropractic clinical experience. Treat the untreatable, those who don’t cavitate or those who don’t want to cavitate! Relieve pain in those with disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and radiculopathy. Save your back with the ergonomic design points of The Cox8.
Check out what's new in The Cox8 from The Cox7, decide if you want to lease or purchase The Cox8, check out the tax incentives that make its purchase even easier, then contact us to get your Model 8 made just for you!
ALSO, know that each instrument is hand-crafted to your specifications. The Haven Innovation team takes pride in each and every table they assemble. You are welcome to visit the factory while in production or after to pick it up. What an experience! Quality through and through.
To benefit patient outcomes best, the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management incorporates 
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