The Experience

The Indy car vs. the pick-up truck at the Indianapolis 500.
The SmartCar® vs. the BMW® on the Autobahn.
The flexion-distraction table vs. The Cox Table for delivering Cox Technic.

What’s behind the experience? Research. A team of engineers and professionals. Protocols for proper application. Documentation. Instruction. Safety. Warranty. Responsiveness to the operator’s direction. Results for the client. Personal attention to detail. Quietness where it counts.  Innovation that is mimicked yet not duplicated. Experience.

produces The Cox Table
to complement The Cox Technic experience.

Cox Technic is proven in its research, training, evidence-based protocols, documentation, and application. The Cox Table has the engineers to make sure the researchers’ findings that demand attention are incorporated into the design, the quality-control systems in place to make sure each hand-crafted instrument meets its owner’s expectations, the customer service team in place to hear physicians’ feedback, the warranty, comfort, and safety features you want and expect from such an instrument you rely on every day in your practice. 

The Cox Table for The Cox Technic makes The Experience
of being a physician and being a patient

Like driving a German-engineered auto on the Autobahn, using The Cox Table to deliver the Cox Technic spinal manipulation is incomparable.

  • The responsiveness of the instrument to the doctor's direction.
  • The ability of the headpiece to intuitively move in long-y-axis with fingertip pressure.
  • The quietness of the actuators to elevate the table height and extend the automated long-y-axis lumbar section. 
  • The full spine capability to treat headaches to numb toes.
  • The sturdiness and sheer mass of the instrument.
  • The unparalleled safety features from covers to stop switches.
  • The personal craftsmanship that goes into each hand-made instrument.
  • The superior quality of each wire and bolt that makes up the instrument.
  • The research-documented clinical outcomes for disc herniation, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, radiculopathy, sciatica and minor back pain and neck pain attributed to the combination of the protocols and the equipment.
You can do lumbar flexion-distraction on about any basic flexion-distraction table.
You can do thoracic flexion-distraction on some flexion-distraction tables.
You can do cervical flexion-distraction on a limited number of flexion-distraction tables.
But you can only experience the fullness of Cox Technic on The Cox Table.
Experience the research, protocols, and equipment that make Cox Technic truly successful in spine pain relief.

Contact Haven Innovation for The Cox Table at 844-614-2836 or 616-935-1040