Thoracic Spine Certification

For years, we've been introducing and mentioning application of Cox® protocols for thoracic spine related issues, particularly the thoracic disc herniation. Due to limited time at other lumbar and cervical courses, we've designed a new course for more advanced study and hands-on experience of the thoracic spine and the application of Cox® Technic. The inaugural thoracic spine certification course was offered in April 2021. It was taught by our team of instructors - Cox, Olding and Joachim - with The Cox8®Tables available for practice and seeing the forces as they are applied via the force measuring tools-equipped Cox®8 Table by Haven Medical.
The full weekend was devoted to thoracic spine and protocol application with force transducer measurements of the forces as they are applied. The anatomy, biomechanics, examination, diagnosis, and patient education of thoracic spine conditions was shared. A written and practical test was offered. We will continue to offer this certification course annually in Indiana, Florida, and California. A recording of the didactic and demonstration components (about 10 hours) of the weekend is available online, but this is not qualified for certification status. A live course must be attended for the hands-on learning and subsequent test. 
Lumbar spine certified doctors have been introduced to thoracic spine protocols in other Cox® Technic courses as they evolved with research study while there was not yet a means developed to certify. Lumbar certified physicians are capable of applying thoracic spine protocols and are now offered the opportunity for advanced study of the thoracic spine specifically with updated research and technique application of Cox® Technic flexion distraction thoracic spinal manipulation. Those doctors who have done this course are indicated with a listing bullet point to the right of their names.

Currently, the course is developed for a one weekend attendance of 14 hours. Lumbar and/or cervical spine certified Cox® Technic physicians get a 15% discount attending an F/D Enterprise LLC sponsored Part III.  The exams are incorporated into the weekend. 
The Cox® Certification Course for Thoracic  Spine consists of taking 14 hours culminating with the passing of a case report-based written and practical examination.
The written and practical exam for Thoracic Spine:  
  • Review cases
  • Determine the diagnoses
  • Multiple Choice questions over topics presented 
  • Demonstrate your acuity in treating thoracic spine related conditions as appropriate.
Go to the Cox® Technic REFERRAL DIRECTORY of certified physicians now indicates who is certified in thoracic spine protocols and lumbar spine protocols. 
What made the weekend for you?

The abundance of research that is presented and explained clearly is astounding.  Practicing on the Cox® Table w/the force table is necessary to improve technique.

There is no more passionate and thinking research based seminar. – Ken Brassington  DC  

Great course never fails to stimulate thought – Salvator Tocco DC

Cox® gets better each time over 16 years of coming to recert. – Michael Karafa  DC

Thoracic disc and afferentation  - Robert Patterson DC

Doming of the diaphragm and vagal nerve stimulation.

Hands-on work applying the vast knowledge information provided.