Using Discat Plus with Disc & Joint Pain Relief Enhanced

Cox® Technic Resource Center offers two relieving and restoring formulae, appropriate at various points in the pain and healing process. When a back pain or neck pain patient is hurting, Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex Enhanced is an appropriate addition. Disc and Joint Pain Relief Complex Enhanced is not meant for long term use, but rather for shorter term relief as opposed to stronger anti-inflammatory drugs. While a patient is hurting as well as healing and beyond, Discat Plus Enhanced is an appropriate addition to the daily supplementation routine.

First, Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex Enhanced offers natural pain relieving substances, each with its own benefits and together with a pain relieving impact. Its ingredients include white willow bark for its inflammatory PGs blocking ability and cyclooxygenase (COX-1 and COX-2) inhibiting capability (1) and ability to relieve chronic low back pain (2), curcumin’s superiority over corticosteroids to reduce pain (3), boswellia serrata’s ability to reduce inflammation and pain and swelling (4), curcumin for its well-documented anti-inflammatory reputation (5-13) and black pepper for its known ability to boost the anti-inflammatory ability of curcumin (14).

Second, Discat Plus Enhanced offers the combined efforts of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate along with the nutrients found in the disc itself to ward off further degeneration and even potentially regenerate the degenerated cartilage. As for anti-inflammatory effects, chondroitin sulfate is getting a  lot of press for its ability to reduce inflammation in many realms. It is for long term use. 

Check out two video descriptions and the use of these two formulae in the care of spine pain patients by Dr. Cox: the benefits of Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex Enhanced and the benefits of Discat Plus Enhanced.

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