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Topics thus far...

  • Pathologies Parts I, II, and III
  • Failed Back Surgical Syndrome
  • More Pathologies and FBSS Cases - last section
  • Patient Documentation
  • Cox® Technic: The Research Support
  • Low Back: Diagnosis, Exam, Cases, Treatment Demo
  • Cervical Spine: Diagnosis, Exam, Cases, Treatment Demo
  • Spinal Cysts (Discal, Synovial, Tarlov)
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • more

Coming topics...


Pathologies Part I with Dr. James Cox (6/29/11) - recorded

  • expectations met? / How?
    • "exceeded" / "very thorough" - M.P.

Pathologies Part III with Dr. James Cox (8/3/11) - recorded
  • expectations met? / How?
    • "exceeded" / "Dr Cox is great at interrelating clinical presentation with radiographic presentation.  This is what we need as field DC's.  Thank a ton for the inspiration as always." - J.B.
    • "met" / "Good use of MRI, CT and X-Ray to demonstrate..It's been many years since most of us have seen that stuff in a teaching format." - J.D.
    • "exceeded" / "concise, good slides, clear narration, on time" - D.G.
    • "met" / "refreshed my knowledge base" - T.H.
Cervical Spine, Cases, Research, Treatment Demo with Dr. James Cox (1/25/12) - recorded
  • "Very well balanced. ... Great webinar. Really liked the combination of slides and live, hands-on demo by Dr. Cox.  Thanks!!!" - R.A. email
  • "I thought the presentation was great! I love to learn from the master[ since 1980]. I'm 62 and still fully engaged, passing as much experience as possible to my son...who has recently joined the practice. Please extend my warm regards to Dr. Cox and thank him for sharing his lifes work with us. He has helped thousands and thousands of people through his many students. Please eep me on the short list..I don't want to miss a single presentation! " - K.S. email
  • "I enjoyed the webinar and especially the hands on and great explanations given along with the demonstration. Thanks!" - J.W. email

Low Back Research, Cases, Treatment Demo with Dr. James Cox (2/15/12) - recorded

  • "Thank you for the superb eminar. Wow Dr Cox was on fire! I like the new look of the slides background and graphics. Keep it up. Amazing cases. Anxious to be attending the next webinar." - J.S.
  • "Always great" - D.S.

Spinal Cysts with Dr. James Cox (3/14/12) - recorded

  • "Dr Cox is getting better every time. He is pushing the limits to new levels. The wealth of information is stunning saving us hundreds of hours of literature search. Please extend my gratitude to Dr Cox." - J.S.
When to Refer #1 (1/16/14) - recorded
  • "Dr Cox always is prepared and brings the topic to you up to date with practice application." - R.D.
Top 10 Imaging Findings Beyond the Disc Herniation (4/8/14) - recorded
  • "As with all Dr. Cox's presentations, I come away with multiple clinical pearls I use immediately in clinical practice." T.A.
Leg Length Inequality, Compensatory Lovett Scoliosis, Foot Mechanics And Orthotics (6/18/14) -  recorded
  • "Again, great information. This is something very applicable to every office. I now know how to identify, measure, develop a treatment plan and treat these conditions. To top it off I can back it all up with trials presented. It's a win/win for both Doctor and patient. Patient feels confident they are i the right place and I feel confident in my protocol to treat them! Keep em coming!" - J.M.
  • "It changed the way I practiced that afternoon. Solutions! Can't get any better." - C.M.
Treatment Demonstration C1 to S1 (7/9/14) - recorded
  • "It was practical you can see the small tricks of the trade by actually watching Dr Cox treat." - V.N.
  • "I love to hear about new case studies and ongoing research." - J.I.
  • "This was my first and I enjoyed the manner (format)in which it was presented." - M.S.

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