What's New in The Cox Table 8

The Cox8 Table by Haven Innovation brings with it innovations unlike any other flexion distraction table out there! For the Cox Technic physician who prides him or herself on offering the best care, this is the best instrument. The Cox Table Model 8 builds on the gold-standard flexion distraction table, The Cox7, for you to build your clinical results and chiropractic practice. 
What's new in The Cox Table 8? Smoothness, quietness, a tactile experience like never before - for you and the patient! - from the cushions and their covers to the tiller bar and the handle bars...and the unseen inner operations in this chiropractic table that make it operate synergetically with your treatment direction. You have to experience it to believe it!
We want this instrument to be as special as you want it to be. Special color request, talk to us. Special cushion material, ask. We'll get a quote, and you can decide what you want for your chiropractic table.
Email us -or- call us direct at Haven Innovation - 844-614-2836 or 616-935-1040.  If no answer, call Cox Technic at 800-441-5571 today.  We are here to help!
Here's what's new in The Cox Table 8: