Why Write A Case Report? Tell the World What You Know!

Dr. Cox loves to quote this at every seminar: "If it isn't published, it didn't happen." It's that simple.
Tell the world what you know. Tell the world what you can do. In the world of back pain relief, tell everyone how you relieve back pain. Tell everyone that you are a back pain specialist. Write a case report. Publish an article. Do an interview.
Here are some insights about the responses doctors have received to publishing their work:
"I would encourage all certified Cox® practitioners to write a case report for publication on Dr. Cox's website.  The response from patients and fellow chiropractors has been amazing.  The process sets you apart from all the other doctors and therapists patients see, and the positive feedback from colleagues, as well as the potential for referrals, is well worth the effort.  It is a very gratifying experience giving back to the profession and contributing to the advancement of evidence-based chiropractic."
- Dean Greenwood DC DABCO
One of the most positive aspects of publishing a case report for me is the satisfaction of accomplishment upon completing a case report that potentially we all have the desire to do but somehow never get around to actually writing it.  Yes, patients love the fact that their doctor is professionally engaged and the notoriety from other doctors is impressive but the satisfaction of completing a daunting task on a professional level does it for me.  Even better is to present a case report to a group of your peers.  This is challenging but very gratifying.
- Ted Siciliano DC