Your Technique Choice

Cox® Technic is a top chiropractic physician's choice for treatment technique.

Cox® Technic improves your quality of life.
  • You can elevate your clinical outcomes and reduce your stress
    • You have documented protocols to follow.
    • You have research support for your technique.
  • The patient experiences pain relief and control of the back pain.
Cox® Technic is personalized care.
  • Safer, gentler, more reliable than a machine.
  • You care for the patient.
Cox® Technic is spinal manipulation.

Cox® Technic is proven to relieve pain.
  • Reseach support is plentiful.
  • Patient testimonials are abundant.
  • Experience is plenteous.

Cox® Technic is accessible to you.

  • certification course in two parts is offered.
  • A special re-certification course is designed yearly.
  • National University of Health Sciences co-sponsors the courses for CE.

Cox® Technic is available to patients.

  • A referral network of certified physicians is prepared. 

Cox Technic is gentle