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Atlanta GA - Hands-on Workshop

09/12/2020 - 09/12/2020
The Cox® Technic Hands-on Workshops are popular with back pain specialists who want to hone their hands-on skills in applying the protocols most effectively. In Atlanta, Dr. Travis Cross, certified Cox® Technic physician, offers them at his Atlanta, GA office (Sandy Springs, GA), equipped with a The Cox® Force Table by Haven Innovation.

You may use these 4 hrs towards Re-Certification in Cox® Technic (along with 8 hrs online) Click Here to learn more - option 3
I’ll be a better doctor when I leave here.  My patients will benefit from what I learned here today - 12/14
Every chiropractor needs to attend at least one of these to learn more of Cox® Technic -12/14
Hands-on portion of the class was excellent - 12/16

Date:TBA - Call the number below if you have a specific date for 2 or more doctors to attend
Time:9am - 1pm (EST)
Instructor:Travis Cross DC    www.crosschiropracticcenter.com
Outline/Info:Click here for more info
Cost: $250
If making travel arrangements, PLEASE CALL BEFORE REGISTERING - 
4 hrs adjustive technique for GA
Approval #2020-831
NOTE:At least 2 attendees must sign up 2 weeks prior. No more than 6 attendees will attend to keep the class personalized.