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Chicago IL - Honors Level Course 12 CE hrs

06/23/2018 - 06/24/2018
Join fellow Chiropractic Physicians (All are welcome! Certified or not!) for this Chiropractic CE course in Chicago, where spinal pain research, treatment, biomechanics and clinical outcomes are shared. Highlights will be the Chiropractic Flexion Distraction NIH and HRSA studies!
Dr. James Cox leads this weekend but by no means intends to be the only speaker. He looks at these courses as dynamic and interactive. He is ready to go where questions and clinical case issues take the course. He invites and wholeheartedly welcomes attending colleagues to present their own cases (just 10 minutes of history/diagnosis/exam findings/treatment plan/treatment outcomes or challenges).  He is grateful to Drs. George Joachim and Kurt Olding for joining him in leading this weekend.
Dr. Cox will, of course, be ready to share the latest excitements that have come through his daily spine research searches. He'll share information on topics like these:
  • spine research and treatment pearls and updates (YouTube sample)
  • treatment demonstrations and practice on The Cox8 Table®
  • osteopathic manipulation influenced treatments:
    • doming of the diaphragm
    • thoracic pump
  • special applications of Cox Technic using The Cox Table for
    • knee pain (thanks to Luigi Albano DC)
  • current cases
    • myelopathy - 4 of them!
    • progression of disc degeneration
    • degenerative scoliosis in 84 y/o
  • what are the key things that must happen in spinal manipulation for successful pain relief
  • the astounding and ever-evolving research documented benefits of chondroitin sulfate (beyond the disc even - inflammation, heart, cancer, more!)
  • chiropractic spinal manipulation and the immune system (YouTube preview)
  • spinal stenosis in geriatric patients and more
  • why we chiropractors practice as we do - law of the joints, stretching tissues, adrenergic vs cholinergic effects, more!
  • and more as new information comes to him daily!
See you on June 23-24, 2018!
Westin OHare Hotel
Saturday, 8am-5pm
Sunday, 8am - Noon
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