I've had BACK SURGERY already. Can I be treated with Cox Technic?

Yes, as long as you pass the tolerance testing phase of treatment. Cox Technic is very gentle and safe. If there is a FUSION, the adjacent segments can be treated with Cox Technic. If there was no fusion and tolerance testing is ok, you may be treated full spine. You may want to check out a few published papers on Cox Technic for POST SURGICAL CONTINUED PAIN: 69 cases followed for 2 years, a study of post-surgical spine cases over 5 years, and chiropractic management of 32 lumbar spine post-surgical cases with chiropractic Cox Technic. Cox Technic is an evidence-based alternative to back surgery that works well for post-surgical continued pain (aka failed back surgical syndrome FBSS) patients who are looking for realistic pain relief to avoid another back surgery. Sometimes control and 50% are excellent goals.