The Cox7 Table is the flexion distraction table designed to meet all the needs of Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression protocols.
Flexion distraction (aka Cox Technic) is found to be superior in radiculopathy (leg pain) relief versus a medical conservative active exercise program.
Drs. Cox and Bakkum uncover and define this pain-generating syndrome in low back pain/leg pain patients called the Gemelli Obturator Internus Complex (GOIC) syn...
In a randomized control trial, flexion distraction is more effective in relieving low back pain at one year follow up than a form of physical therapy.
Flexion Distraction (aka Cox Technic) is one of the three most studied chiropractic techniques for low back pain relief.
Patients receiving flexion distraction (FD) in a randomized control trial of FD vs medical care have significantly fewer healthcare visits in the year following...
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