2013 Cox Seminars

Thank you for your interest in Cox Seminars, the premier chiorpractic continuing education courses in Cox Technic evidence based protocols and flexion distraction didactics, hands-on instruction, and practice.
2013 brings new opportunities for hands-on workshops in more certified Cox Technic physicians' offices from Vancouver to Nova Scotia to Florida. More information coming on that...
2013 also brings many onsite chiropractic continuing education opportunities as well as online webinar (live and recorded video versions) opportunities.
The Cox Technic System for evidence-based chiropractic for the back pain specialist continues to evolve with more research in lab and in clinic, in journals and online, with published protocols and algorithms to support your care of back pain patients be they cervical, thoracic, or lumbar, pregnant or elderly or youthful.
Join us in 2013 for a chiropractic educational experience you'll not forget and certainly take home to your practice and use.
* On December 31, 2012, one registrant will win free access to a webinar of choice from the recorded webinar videos. You will be notified on December 31, 2012.

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