32 Hours of CE for Certification via Combined Parts I and II COMPLETE


Fort Wayne played host to the second-ever combined Parts I and II Cox Certification Course. Over 4 days, 32 hours of chiropractic continuing education was offered by Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox Technic, Dr. George Joachim, instructor of Part I courses and workshops, and Dr. Kurt Olding, certified doctor and workshop instructor.

“most practical useful information in a single seminar – more useful than any I’ve been to” - evaluation comment

Dr. Cox opened the weekend with several of the latest in conservative and surgical, medical spinal pain management research reports and led the group to see that offering evidence-based, well-researched conservative treatment for back pain and neck pain is the future. This future direction is being called on by healthcare payors and patients alike to be effective clinically and financially. Cox Technic offers just this.

So the weekend included international doctors from Australia and Canada who joined their US colleagues from California to NY for a packed weekend of academics, workshop hands-on, case presentations, a little sleep, and plenty of coffee.

 “very informative with hands on skills you can actually apply” - evaluation comment 

Newly certified chiropractors are included in the referral directory (and now enjoy other perks like seminar discounts!). We look forward to their presenting cases at Part III courses!

Further, Haven Innovation shared 3 of The Cox8 Tables for the weekend's training. What a treat! Don Wisner, president of Haven, joined the weekend. Julie shared the online/offline program called Cox Technic Complete for Cox Technic physicians (co-developed by Cirrus ABS) that features SEO-content, Cox® clinical forms and movies, patient e-newsletters and seminars discount. Check out more information on this CTC program

There are two more combined Parts I and II courses in 2014 (in Fort Wayne, IN). Doctors attending choose to take the complete course - all 32 hours in one trip, one exam, one place – while some came just for Part II to complete their training.  Either way, all enjoyed 4 days of material and looked forward to heading back to their practices ready to help patients like never before! Keep checking our chiropractic seminar schedule for seminar and workshop dates.

“The seminar is a lot more than a technique, and this work is the future of chiopractic.”  - evaluation comment

See you soon!

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