4 Days of Cox Technic Are Worth It!


The following is a review of a 4-days weekend Cox® Technic Lumbar Certification (Parts I and II combined) held in April 2016 shares just how exciting and worthwhile an intense course like this is. 

It was a marathon filled with excitement from both attendees and instructors. There's not another chiropractic CE continuing education course quite like it. 32 hours. 4 instructors. 3 brand new Cox8 Tables from Haven Innovation. A whole section of the hotel just for us.

This has been the best seminar I have attended by far, ever! – Crystal Surprenant DC

Proves chiropractic, gives us purpose, more excitement. – Eric Franchino DC

With Drs. George Joachim and Kurt Olding, Thursday and Friday focused on the foundational aspects of anatomy review, the non-discogenic and disc conditions of back pain, and step-by-step technique hands-on practice (both cervical and lumbar spine).

I am embarrassed… on how little I knew about low back pain.  I have learned more about back pain in a few days then I did in 3 years of chiropractic school.  Thank you!!

Dr. George Joachim with a group. 
Late on Friday, the force measuring Cox8 Table was introduced to guide the proper application of forces to the spine when doing Cox Technic. What an amazing objective tool that helps doctors visual their forces as they are applying them. Doctors really found this beneficial:

Hands on groups, bio feedback (on computer), and the research. – Jennifer Lavery DC

Learning proper force technique and how to safely apply flexion/distraction.  

Then Saturday Drs. James Cox and Ram Gudavalli joined the group for the sharing of the most current research projects underway related to Cox Technic and the direction the research is taking (clinical outcomes) and what it will take to get there (more funds, more research).

Cutting edge technique that makes you a better doctor immediately. – Chris Deveau DC

Sure, 4 days of seminar study is tough for active, all-day-moving chiropractors, but it’s worth it.

Great seminar but really need sitting breaks or a stretch every 90 minutes. – Chris Deveau DC

We do mix didactics with hands-on standing periods, but it’s not usually enough. Few formal breaks may be a downfall, but there is so much to share about spine pain and its treatment, about low back pain and its biomechanical features, about Cox Technic and how it benefits the spine, about evidence-based practice and how Cox Technic for years has been on the path to fit that schema that it’s tough to fit even a part of it into 32 hours.

Dr. Cox and his staff are unbelievable.  They put more intense material in a conference than any other bar none.  To see a mentor like Dr. Cox is a must.  I will personally say for other D.C.s it’s that important for them and our profession.  Thank you. – Alan Ebbers DC


Loved the seminar.  It was filled with great evidence and I feel the things learned this weekend will be easily able to be implemented into patient care.


Dr. Olding with a group.
The benefits of the time and sitting will pay off in the long run for both the doctors and their patients.

Clinical aspect.  Absolutely brilliant.  Need more in chiropractic. – Eric Franchino DC

Hands-on and numerous research studies. – Steven Snyder  DC

Granted, a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana, (“Where’s that?” and “Do you have an airport?” are common questions we get.) may not have been on anyone’s agenda or bucket list, but Fort Wayne put on a great show with the warm weather and minor league baseball game across the street and tasty restaurants (and bars for celebration after the test on Saturday!) all in walking distance made quite a show.

Really enjoyed the whole event. – Neil Bray DC

We, the Cox Technic team members, are so grateful to those who made the trip from as far away as Canada and the United Kingdom to really immerse themselves and open themselves to the world of spine pain and chiropractic’s Cox Technic as a solution for it.

See everyone at the next chiropractic continuing education event for Cox Technic Certification!

The comments are taken from evaluation sheets from attendees. 

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