4 days. 5 instructors. 32 hours CE. Spine Pain Relief System!


Another amazing weekend of intense chiropractic training in flexion distraction protocols with 5 instructors, 23 attendees, 3 Cox8 Tables by Haven Innovation,  Lucy (the new tool for training pressure!), 2 support staff, 16 gallons of coffee, no formal breaks (and no one missed them! The hands-on group time gave everyone a chance to stretch and move around.), and  32 hours of chiropractic continuing education. Wow! That’s a Cox Seminar!

National University of Health Sciences made sure to file for the chiropractic continuing education credits for the courses. Attendees from as far as Nairobi, Kenya (Yes, he traveled days to get here!) as well as Canada and the US joined us in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the hometown of Cox Technic’s developer, Dr. James M. Cox.

Dr. Cox is honored to have a great team of instructors to help him with the Cox® Technic Certification Course. In 4 days, attending physicians took in Part I material about the biomechanics and anatomy of the spine – lumbar, cervical and thoracic – as well as the research and history of flexion distraction as it relates to the application of Cox Technic protocols today. In Fort Wayne, Part I instructors and certified Cox Technic physicians, Dr. George Joachim  and Dr. Ralph Kruse, and Dr. Kurt Olding, certified physicians and workshop instructors lead the weekend and proctored the certification exams. Dr. Dean Greenwood on the west coast is also a Part I instructor.
Dr. Ram Gudavalli (Palmer Research Center and principle investigator of flexion distraction projects) joined us on Saturday to share the latest in the federally funded research study outcomes as well as the objective pressure transducer used to train clinicians in research projects as well as at certification courses. At this course, he announced that another of his papers about the training of research physicians with a transducer was accepted on by Spine!


Dr. Joachim lead the weekend with the introductory and foundational background of Cox Technic, where it started, how it developed with research and gained respect in the clinic, and how it is applied. Drs. Kruse and Olding joined him in leading the introductory hands-on training. Then Dr. Kruse taught the non-disc conditions section.

Dr. Cox then opened Part II with some of the most exciting spine research papers he’s come across in the past few weeks. This is his favorite part!  He shared the discogenic causes of back pain and leg pain and the protocols for treating it with flexion distraction.


Newly certified chiropractors are now listed in the referral directory (and now enjoy other perks like seminar discounts!). We look forward to seeing all of them at future Part III courses!

So helpfully, Haven Innovation provided 3 of The Cox8 Tables for the weekend's training. What a luxury! Moving these 400 pound tables around is no small task! Don Wisner, president of Haven, mingled with us on Saturday.


Then Julie shared the online/offline program called Cox Technic Complete (CTC) for Cox Technic flexion distraction physicians (co-developed by Cirrus ABS). Its SEO-content, Cox® clinical forms and movies, automatically sent patient e-newsletters and seminars discount allow Cox Technic physicians to share the same message and their patients to gather hope from other patients’ positive pain relief experiences. Check out more information on this CTC program


There are 3 more combined Parts I and II courses in 2015 (in Fort Wayne, IN). Doctors attending may choose to take the complete course - all 32 hours in one trip, one exam, one place – while some choose to attend for just for Part II to complete their training.  However many hours they attended, all enjoyed the material and looked forward to practicing Monday morning with new information to address their patients’ issues like never before! Keep checking our chiropractic seminar schedule for seminar and hands-on workshop dates.

See you at soon!

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