A Thorough Spinal Examination is Critical

New research, especially in light of the new healthcare system, is indicating that the physical examination is most critical to the relief of pain in patients with back pain and extremity pain in the leg or arm. It is also noted that thorough knowledge of the evidence-based literature is beneficial to maximizing patient care, particularly in distinguishing radiculopathy (extremity pain) from other causes or low back pain and neck pain. (1)  
A thorough clinical physical examination that includes a history is the foundation for the diagnosis and treatment plan for back pain relief. A physical examination during which the back pain specialist touches your spine, asks about your history of pain and measures motions among other things is critical to determining the cause of pain. Cox Technic Resource Center offers Dr. James Cox's monthly Cox Research Pearls and Cox Seminars offer courses that highlight the examination and diagnosis process to keep the chiropractic back pain specialist abreast of the latest published evidence-based literature.
Reference for A Thorough Clinical Examination is Critical
  1. deLuigi A, Fitzpatrick K: Physical examination in radiculopathy. Phys Med and Rehab Clinics of N Amer 2011; 22(1):7-40

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