ACO Accepts up to 50 hours of CE toward Orthopedic Diplomate

Following is the announcement from the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists (ACO) about accepting up to 50 hours of credit from Cox Technic LIVE CERTIFICATION SEMINARS (attend Part I, II and III, and pass the written and practical examinations) toward the completion of the ORTHOPEDICS DIPLOMATE (300 total hours required). Currently, orthopedic diplomates may re-certify with Cox Technic ONLINE courses.
Dr. James Cox and the Cox Technic team are honored that this prestigious organization has deemed these courses worthy of study. Close to 56 hours of online courses are now available with more coming in 2015...
Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists
  December 19, 2014 (email)

Good Morning Fellows:


The Academy Board realizes that education changes have taken place over the years. We have worked to maintain an understanding of these changes and how they affect current membership and any future chiropractic orthopedic candidates. The Board has considered expanding avenues for doctors wishing to pursue a Diplomate in chiropractic orthopedics. One such Avenue to begin or complement an already engaged chiropractic orthopedic student has been approved by the Academy Board. Criteria was generated by the Educational Committee and unanimously accepted by the Academy Board at the last Board meeting. These guidelines are stringent, and there are no exceptions. Some of the criteria include the instructor must be affiliated with a CCE institution and PACE approved. Currently, the Academy has accepted 50 hours that qualify a candidate to sit the Board examination. The program is Cox Technic. This program has met one of our requirements by having a written and oral examination to pass before the student can complete the program. Once completed, this examination is recorded and kept on file by the CCE institution. The program also offers a recertification process for their candidates to demonstrate to the public and others the doctor is maintaining and pursuing ongoing education. One of the main criteria that the Academy has is the requirement of what percentage of the class syllabus teaches or follows the Stonebrink/2010 orthopedic syllabus. Cox Technic exceeds the minimum expectations. Therefore, a doctor who has completed and has been recertified by Cox Technic can apply 50 hours towards a chiropractic orthopedic Diplomate. Before this change was accepted, there was nearly 6 months of debate and requirements agreed upon by the Board. The Academy has been contacted periodically over the last few years by doctors who have 200+ hours towards their orthopedic Diplomate and wish to go on but due to logistics cannot. They have not completed the class work due to class closings or other reasons that they could not complete the process. For those of you who have heard Dr. Cox or his instructors lecture realize that this is not a technique course to its own, but relevant and current literature is reviewed and discussed regarding patient care, orthopedic, neuroanatomy, imaging and other neuroscience issues. It is this information that helps qualify this program. Currently, Cox Technic webinars, lectures, and videos are accepted for recertification purposes with the Academy.

For more information about the ACO, please visit their website.  

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