Afferentation #3 - VIDEO READY - The Brain-Body-Adjustment Connections!


Check out this concluding session on Dr. Cox's latest passion: AFFERENTATION Part #3.
He starts with a brief review of Parts 1 and 2 then delves into the remaining material and ends with a demonstration of treatment with narration of what is happening during the treatment.

Join Dr. James Cox as he continues sharing this complex and integral topic of chiropractic care's effect: AFFERENTATION - THE OTHER HALF OF CHIROPRACTIC HEALING: PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT.


  1. Brain Chemicals and their function and effect: serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, endorphins, noradrenaline, nitric oxide, cannabinoids, drugs
  2. Ligand receptor orchestration for health
  3. Thyroid function and the HPA axis
  4. Immune system and Central Nervous System communication for health and disease
  5. Stress and anxiety- destructive pattern in health
  6. Cortisol effects
  7. Opioid drug abuse
  8. Chiropractic's role in the psychoimmunoendocrine cycle of health and disease

In this clinically applicable discussion, Dr. Cox makes this material practical for the back pain specialist's practice.

Check out the video presentation that will excite you as you walk into your next patient room, armed with all these exciiting details of just how chiropractic may affect more than back pain.

Not for CE credits yet. 

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