"Best conference in 25 years of practice!"

attendee comments from Honors Course 2024 (cut/pasted from the typed list from "most beneficial"):
I’m back in the Canadian cold now, kept warm by the fire your Honours Puerto Rico course stoked in me. Best conference I’ve been to in my 25 years of practice.  Thank you again.   - Dr Barton
Research data application of concepts (were most beneficial) – Vilmarie Soto DC
Scientific evidence and how to approach patients with hot disks from least force and the progress that they will achieve with Cox® technique - Stephanie Gonzalez Almonte DC
Demonstrations, references – Paul Vanier
I really can’t say, it was all amazing.  Instructor and colleagues 
Hands on demonstration, research presentation – Tony Barton
Recent research – Jacob Anaya
Hands on and research
Case presentations, updates on research 
Vagus nerve (presentation was most beneficial) – Matthew Collins DC 
Didactics, Dr. Cox, Hands on, Dr. Joachim
Great info 
Stimulating and practical 
Research experience – Rafael Velez
Case presentation 
The clinical real world experiences and practical application of technique (were most beneficial).
Synovial cyst RX on table, Vagus work – Michael Karafa DC
Didactic with hands on (was the most beneficial).  The level of knowledge expertise in the room not just the instructors is inspiring for the chiropractic profession. – Shay Corbin DC

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