Boswellia Reduces Inflammation, Pain and Swelling

What do most people think of for pain relief? Drugs? NSAIDs and over-the-counter drugs? Ice occasionally is considered. But herbalists and other natural-leaning physicians and researchers look to nature. And boswellia is getting some nice attention.

Kerry Bone is an herbalist who wrote a nice paper titled Boswellia: A New Herbal Breakthrough for Osteoarthritis summarizing the effects of boswellia on inflammation, swelling and pain. It reduces them! He goes on to explain how boswellia for osteoarthritis may even be better than traditional osteoarthritis drugs.
So for back pain and related pain that is influenced by pain, swelling and inflammation, it may be worthwhile to try a natural approach of pain relief with boswellia and other such relievers...along with spinal manipulation, Cox Technic, ice (particularly in the first 72 hours) and/or ice/hot.
Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox Technic for natural pain relief, keeps up on natural approaches like spinal manipulation and boswellia. So check out his combined natural pain reliever, Disc and Joint Pain Relief Complex, or something similar. It's good to look for these alternatives whether you are the patient or the doctor.

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