Business Deductions for 2012 - Don't Forget to Use Them!

Tax Incentives. They're here today...
You have a few weeks left to take advantage of the business tax deductions open to your business in 2012. Specifically, the Section 179 Business Tax Deduction allows deductions on up to $560,000 capital purchases. New equipment must be in place by December 31, 2012, according to the law. A 50% Bonus Depreciation is available in 2012, too. Don't forget to use them. Your new Cox8 Table should certainly qualify! (The ADA tax credit may also be applicable.)
Read more about the Section 179 law. Talk to your account about the business deductions possibly open to you for a new chiropractic table purchase this year. Then place your order with Haven Innovation for the new Cox Table Model 8 whose new features and quick-set software is impressive, making your treatment life easier.

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