Call for Doctors in Certain Cities to Get Certified

Sarasota. Omaha. Cheyenne. Indianapolis. San Antonio. Fort Myers. Madison. Little Rock. Bismarck. London. Jackson MS. Biloxi. Gulf Port. Panama City. Shreveport. Just a few cities where there are no certified Cox Technic physicians - active or inactive - in them. Check out your area. You may be the one to fill the need!
People with back pain and neck pain and arm pain and leg pain are wanting gentle, non-surgical care. Often, they have experienced Cox Technic on a Cox Table and want the same as they travel or move or refer a family friend.
Consider yourself the back pain specialist in your area. Really focus your skills on treating back pain and neck pain and their related extremity pain. You will help those patients. Cox Technic gives you an evidence-based system to follow, implement and build your practice on.
Consider certification in Cox Technic which then lists you among those who treat the same way and build a reliable referral network of doctors for lower back pain patients to rely on. Choose Cox Technic flexion distraction for your chiropractic bag, and fill a need for well-trained, back pain relief physicians.

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