CASE - Spinal Cyst, Far Lateral Disc, and Radicular Pain Helped

Spinal cysts are not always known to be in the spine unless they are found on MRI imaging, but patient symptomatology often points to their existence.
Dr. Dean Greenwood of Vancouver Canada presents this case of radicular pain and back pain in a patient whose pain is severe. A far lateral disc herniation and synovial cyst contribute to the condition. He initialized treatment with Cox Technic Protocol 1 with a modification of having the patient lie on side for comfort. He describes this set up and the patient's progress and clinical outcome. Midway through treatment the patient had an MRI done that revealed the cyst. Its presence doesn't change the treatment, just illuminates a contributing factor for which electrical stimulation low volt galvanism's influence is most helpful. The patient's pain is relieved with Cox Technic Protocol 1 care of this spinal cyst, specifically synovial cyst. Dr. Greenwood gives a nice discussion of these cysts as well.

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