Certified Cox Doctor Writes Article for Paper

Dr. Edel Diaz of Puerto Rico, a certified Cox Technic physician, writes an article and places an informative ad in his local paper based on a new article in Spine journal that Dr. Cox shared in the May 2013 Cox Research Pearls. Great way to spread the word!
Here is the original article (in Spanish) and the loose translation in English below:
Do you have low back pain? Do have suggested you that maybe?  Worried you have to have an operation? Do you want to avoid the possible surgery? Then you should visit to your chiropractor. This agreement a study published in the scientific journal, Spine (Early Predictors of Lumbar Spine Surgery after Occupational Back Injury: Results from a Prospective Study of Workers in Washington State: May 15, 2013 Volume 38, Issue 11, pp (953-964). In the United States, in Puerto Rico as well, the more common work injuries are to the low back. The costs for this type of injury treatment are the highest. This study aimed to identify factors that could predict back surgeries low among people who lesions in this area report in a period of three (3) years. The study was done between 1885 injured workers in the State of Washington. The odds that these people were subjected to back surgery decreased in the following factors:


  • Persons under 35 years of age.
  • Women
  • Hispanic
  • Those that your first doctor for this lesion was a chiropractor.


Approximately a 42.7% of workers who visited first a surgeon had to be submitted to surgery. Only 1.5% of the workers who visited to a Chiropractor first underwent back surgery. The study concluded that there was a strong relationship between the surgery of the back and the first doctor whom injured workers saw. What does this mean for you? The significance of this study is that it leaves clear several points:


  1. Not all cases of low back pain need surgery. In fact, the percentage of low back pain injury cases that require surgery is low.
  2. The costs of these cases would diminish considerably if people who suffer from these problems do not consider the surgery as a first resort. All considered, back surgery low should be the last resort.
  3. Patients suffering from these problems always they must seek second and third opinions; especially when suggest you a surgery.  Remember that a surgery of this type does not guarantee that your pain will end.


Within the chiropractic profession, there is a unique specialization for the treatment of Herniated discs in the spine. Treatment referred to as "adjustment and manipulation or decompression of" Cox® Flexión-Distraction.

Studies scientists prove again and again the efficiency and cost efficiency of this treatment for herniated discs. This conservative procedure does not cause pain or any discomfort the patient and avoids surgery and you are taking medicines unnecessarily.

The author, Dr. Edel Diaz, has specializations in sports medicine and in the technique of adjustment and manipulation of Cox ® decompression for the treatment of herniated discs. He was Professor of the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois. (787) - 759-9605. www.quiropracticaaldia.com



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