Cervical Spine #2 Webinar Recording Ready - "Absolutely the best!"

 "Absolutely the best research based Chiropractic seminars/webinars I have attended!"
- attendee from yesterday's live presentation

Cervical Spine VI: 2016 CS Webinar Series #2

The live webinar of 2016 Cervical Spine Updates Session 2 went so smoothly! Dr. Cox shared the latest research that guides the hands-on physician's care of the cervical spine and the neck pain and arm pain that be related to its dysfunction.
Specifically, Dr. James Cox covered the specific application to spinal conditions: stenosis, surgical fusion, degenerative disc disease, degenerative scoliosis, Klippel-Feil, misalignment subluxation complexes. Plus...
  • headache relief from disc herniation and degeneration
  • forces applied to the cervical spine during F/D
  • disc & muscle degeneration reversal
As you'd expect, Dr. Cox puts no less than all he has into every chiropractic seminar or webinar presentation he makes about spine care and chiropractic. He always strives to make it the best chiropractic webinar or seminar experience for attendees he can as he knows it ultimately benefits the patients who suffer with back pain and neck pain and related arm and leg pain. 
So study with Dr. Cox online at your leisure. View recorded chiropractic webinars and courses online whether you want or need CE continuing education or just want to study to be a better physician. Enjoy these chiropractic webinar recordings, and share them with you colleagues if you find them of value.
Much appreciation was felt by Dr. Cox as he read yesterday's evaluations, especially the one that shared "absolutely the best research based chiropractic seminars/webinars I have attended!" That's all Dr. Cox strives for. 

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