Cervical Spine Certification Course – The 1st ONE!


At this inaugural cervical spine certification course weekend, attendees are immersed in the evidence-based protocols of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management for cervical spine. The biomechanics, anatomy, examination, diagnosis, history and treatment protocols are presented and practiced. Time is balanced between the didactics and the hands-on practical instruction and practice. The certification examination - written and practical - is available at the end of the course. The weekend is lead by up to 3 instructors with an ample number of Cox8 Tables for all to have practical instruction. 12 hours of CE is applied for via National University of Health Sciences in most states.

Drs. Ralph Kruse and George Joachim will lead this weekend course, and we’ll add instructors as the attendance demands. Haven Innovation will provide enough Cox8 Tables for small group hands-on practice in the cervical spine and upper thoracic protocols of Cox Technic flexion distraction.

Cervical spine technique was introduced in 1991 when the first instrument was developed to allow table motions for the cervical spine as have been available for the lumbar spine: flexion, extension, lateral motion, circumduction and rotation. Learn more of the history and development of this technique (ie, Dr. Cox's wife, Judi, had C5-6 neck and radicular pain which prompted investigation of this new approach!).

The cervical spine protocols have evolved as has the research into their biomechanical effects and clinical outcomes. Here is a listing of a few of the findings of the cervical spine flexion distraction publications:

You’ll note how many cases have been published by Dr. Ralph Kruse who will co-lead with Dr. George Joachim this inaugural Cox Technic cervical spine certification course. Both are exemplary hands-on leaders in the proper cervical spine flexion distraction protocols to apply for optimal clinical results.

We look forward to seeing you!

So reserve your seat today!

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