Chiropractic Is Great for Medicare Patients!

Chiropractic is protective of Medicare participants' lifestyles!
New research published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics shows that Medicare patients who use chiropractic care are kept from declining in health and kept functioning well in the year of care.  Medicare is growing in number of patients as well as dollars needed to care for them. Chiropractic may well find a bigger place in the Medicare system when it is shown to prevent decline in this patient population. The researchers from the University of Iowa and Emory University also stress that the chiropractic patients report higher satisfaction with follow-up care and especially the information provided about what is wrong with them. That is so vital for chiropractic patients - and all patients: self-knowledge of their condition. 
Cox Technic emphasizes patient education as central to its outcomes. Patients must understand their condition and be congruent, be part of the care system.  The 50% Rule sets their expectations of outcome and treatment plan. 
Evidence-based medicine today demands outcomes documentation.  Research about the effects of chiropractic on populations like the Medicare patients and seniors will be welcomed in today's healthcare system. Chiropractic physicians need just be ready and able to help! It's truly an exciting time to be a chiropractor.

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