Chiropractic Workshops (CE, too): California and New Jersey

Come to a chiropractic workshop just for the back pain specialist. Elevate your hands-on skills to elevate your chiropractic clinical outcomes. In just a short 4 hours with a certified Cox Technic physician in the comfort of his very own chiropractic private practice, refine your hands-on application of the evidence-based chiropractic protocols of Cox Technic flexion distraction. 
Hands-on chiropractic workshops are crucial for the back pain specialist to really get a feel for the proper forces to use and the expected tissue tension sense a doctor looks for when applying Cox Technic.
In June 2014, chiropractors are invited to visit Dr. Hazen in California or Dr. Siciliano in New Jersey for an afternoon of collegial learning and sharing. CE credits applied for in each state respectively for each course. So don't delay! Come feel Cox Technic as the "patient" and perform Cox Technic as the "doctor" in these 4 hours workshops to elevate your chiropractic practice soon!
Drs. Hazen and Siciliano are terrific, patient instructors who are excited to open their practice doors to you for an afternoon. A minimum of at least 2 attendees and up to 6 can be accommodated in one 4 hours chiropractic workshop.
So register now! 

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