Come to Philadelphia for Unbound History & Inspiration with Dr. Cox

Come to the Hyatt Unbound Collection's Bellevue Hotel Philadelphia to visit with Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox® Technic and passionate chiropractic advocate.
Both are historically exciting and currently inspiring!
The Bellevue is known as The Grande Dame of Broad Street and continues to serve as the epicenter for Philadelphia’s prestigious social and business community. It's a beauty!
And Dr. Cox is said to be a "master of literature" and the most beneficial parts of them are "Academic References!  Refreshing to see well reference lecture.  Love it. Current CME is devoid of well documented sources.  This is what I expect from continuing Ed.  Well done!" (attendee, Phoenix, 9/17)
Topics planned: the truth about chiropractic practice and benefit in healthcare, afferentation, myelopathy, stenosis, DRG, depression/healing, case presentations by attendees and Cox, treatment demonstration on The Cox8® Force Table, etc. Click here for more details.
Activities possible in the Bellevue area: spa, fitness, dining, shopping, etc.
October 13-14, 2018
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More specifics:


  • The Truth about Chiropractic Practice: Its delivery of spinal manipulation, Its place in healthcare, Its time is now
  • Osteopathic Techniques and the Law of the Joint  
  • Treatment Demonstration and Force Application on The Cox8® Force Table by Haven Innovation
  • Chiropractic and the Immune System
  • Afferentation: The far-reaching effects of the chiropractic adjustment
    • Depression, stress, anxiety, emotion and healing
    • Immune and nervous system connection
    • Brain and spinal cord tracts interactions
    • Chiropractic role in the psychoimmunoendocrine cycle of health and disease
    • Cholinergic and Adrenergic Nerves Effects
  • Why We Practice As We Do: classic to most current research support for chiropractic spinal manipulation and practice
  • Disc Degeneration & Regeneration: Nutrition and F/D
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Myelopathy and Myelomalacia: Research facts, origins, diagnosis, non-surgical and surgical treatment, surgical signs
  • The DRG: An active processor in the nervous system
  • Vagus Nerve Innervation: Help for headache and more
  • Case Presentations: Attendees’ and Dr. Cox’s
    • Co-managed Myelopathy
    • L5S1 Disc Extrusion
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Thoracic Disc Herniation
    • more


Interact with Dr. James Cox for 12 hours…and be left wanting more! His passion for chiropractic - its rich history and its exciting, impending future - comes through every piece of spine research he shares and every spinal treatment he demonstrates.

Join us at the historical, exciting venue of the Ballantyne Philadelphia for a CE weekend you won’t forget! 

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