Cox Honors Course 2019 - Charlotte - April 5-6

Cox® Seminars presents the Honors Course with Dr. James Cox as your host. These Honors courses let Dr. Cox come to share what is most exciting in the spine literature as of the week (and even day of!) the seminar. He reads voraciously. He amends his powerpoints on the airplane to the seminar. He'll add a new slide the morning of the presentation. His excitement and passion is contagious. 
Most beneficial - "Hands on experience is awesome, review case studies, review of literature"
He shares patient cases that demonstrate what the spinal literature is saying. He'll share myelopathy, myelomalacia, disc herniation, compression fractures, post-surgical continued pain, back sprains/strains, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and much more!

Most beneficial - “The Cox Technic!  Appreciated the myelomalacia cases.” – Mike Poulin 
He shares their treatment on The Cox8 Table FORCE by Haven Innovation that measures the amount of pressure you are applying so that you learn the feel with objective feedback. 

“Every minute of studying with Dr. Cox was chockful of great useful information” – Nike Taylor DC 
Attendees are encouraged and invited to share cases from their practices. Just short 10 minute presentations are all that are needed to spark conversation in the group and spur Dr. Cox to build on the topic the case opens. 
“I think this is one of the best seminars I have gone to in a long time.” – Corrine Morgan DC
Honors courses are dynamic, exciting, and very interactive. Here attendees can ask questions with no fear of ridicule, can share challenging cases with confidence that a new way of looking at it is out there, can be around fellow colleagues who love chiropractic, love caring for patients, and love that they contribute to the well-being of their communities.
“Outstanding state of the art.  Dr. Cox is a continuing inspiration and truly gets better with age. Thank God for a man of his character and intellect.” – Carl Tenckhoff DC

Join the April 6-7, 2019, Honors Course in Charlotte, NC, at the lovely Ballantyne Resort
Join the special dinner together at The Gallery Restaurant on Saturday night to continue the discussion. 
We all look forward to seeing you!
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