Cox® Research Funds at Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine

Now that Dr. Ram Gudavalli, principal researcher for Cox® research projects through the years, has landed at Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine in West Palm Beach, Florida, alongside Dr. Ralph Kruse (one of our core Cox® Technic instructor team) and Dr. Bret White (a fellow Cox® Technic certified doctor), so too have research funds (donated by so many chiropractors along with Dr. Cox whose textbook royalties also go to research) initially to studies at Palmer Research Center. Over the years, Palmer has done so much to advance the biomechanical and clinical outcomes of Cox® Technic (flexion distraction, manual cervical distraction, low velocity low amplitude spinal manipulation, low velocity variable amplitude spinal manipulation). We are so grateful for all they have done under the guidance of Dr. Christine Goertz while Dr. Gudavalli was there. A new opportunity now exists at Keiser with Dr. Gudavalli.
Thank you to everyone for their continued support of Cox® Technic and chiropractic research! 
If you wish to donate, know that it will go to good use! Thank you!
Stay tuned as things develop! 

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