Cox Seminars at Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine

2019 has been busy for Cox Seminars and Keiser University's College of Chiropractic Medicine!
Lead by Dean of the chiropractic program, Dr. Michael Wiles, Keiser received accreditation in January from the Council on Chiropractic Education, opened its spine care clinic in February, and hosted two post-graduate courses for Cox Technic on campus in those months as well!

Dr. Ralph Kruse in the Keiser Spine Care Clinic 
On the faculty of Keiser's College of Chiropractic Medicine, is one of the Cox Technic's core team instructors/research participants, Dr. Ralph Kruse, who transitioned from private practice to this faculty/teaching position. He is also the clinician for the new Keiser Spine Care Clinic, home to 6 Cox8 Tables and a Cox7 Table.  A Cox8 Force Table is also on campus for objective student training and feedback. Dr. Bret White, a certified Cox Technic practitioner, has been an instructor at KU Chiropractic for some time already. And Dr. Ram Gudavalli has recently joined Keiser Chiropractic as its director of chiropractic research. So exciting!
Dr. Ralph Kruse demonstrating Cox Technic protocols.

Using the Cox8 Tables in the Keiser Spine Care Clinic during Part 1
So when the Cox Seminars were on campus in January for the Part III Cervical Spine Course and February for the Part I Lumbar Spine Course, Dr. Gudavalli stopped by to share his experience with Cox Technic, teaching and research progress. He shared the excitement of starting the post-surgical continued pain study with 51 Cox Technic chiropractors participating. Dr. White joined the January course, too, to share his experience with Cox Technic.
Keiser has welcomed field practitioners on campus to share their insights and practice experience with students. Dr. George Joachim who co-taught the January cervical course shared care of concussion. Dr. Luigi Albano shared his published case reports and current 25 patient prospective study of knee pain patients being treated with distraction on the Cox Table using flexion distraction principles. Dr. Ted Siciliano shared several cases from his clinical practice. We feel so at home!
Dr. Luigi Albano
Dr. George Joachim 

Dr. Ted Siciliano
Keiser provided breakfast and lunch for the programs, too!  Everyone appreciated that!
These courses introduced Keiser University in West Palm Beach, Florida, to 42 chiropractic physicians and students. The Part II Lumbar Spine Certification Course will be on campus this fall, October 11-13, 2019. See you then!

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