Cox Seminars Fall 2021

Do you know Cox® Technic? If it's been a while, come see what's new!
What is research's role in spine care? As the research expands, so do the protocols. How so? New, more specific applications for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine are detailed as well as some specific guidelines for specific conditions like spinal stenosis, thoracic disc herniation, post-surgical continued pain after back surgery, spondylolsis, etc. 
"You will learn an amazing technique that will get your patients better with less risk and learn about all of the research that supports the use and effects of the treatment." – Crystal Surprenant DC  
But what makes it important to attend a live seminar or workshop? Technique practice and refinement with experienced instructors...and the objective feedback from the Cox®8 Force Table by Haven Medical. Researchers tested various pounds of pressure application and measured their impact. The Force Table measures your forces in real time - 2 pounds, 4 pounds, 6 pounds - and helps train your hand/brain on what that feels like so you can take it back into your clinical practice. You can't do that over the internet or in an online class.
"The instructor was very knowledgeable on the table.  Made sure we were doing everything correctly before moving forward. Cox Table is a great discovery.  It’s an awesome tool for doctors and patients." Juan Gamba (Part I, Keiser, February 2019)
What about the instructors? The Cox® Team of instructors are over-and-over again praised in evaluations for being patient, kind, and full of experience, not hurried in their hands-on direction, not hestitant in answering questions. 
“The hands on [made the weekend for me]. The doctors [who lead the hands-on sessions – Drs. Joachim, Kruse and Olding] that have the same love of the profession as Dr. Cox [made the weekend for me]. The science to back up the protocol and technique [made the weekend for me]. It was all excellent.  I am so grateful for the hands on and practice on the computer of force used.”  – Dr. Pirner 
 ...and Dr. Cox teaches at the Fort Wayne courses. 
"Dr. Cox and his staff are unbelievable.  They put more intense material in a conference than any other bar none.  To see a mentor like Dr. Cox is a must.  I will personally say for other D.C.s it’s that important for them and our profession.  Thank you." – Alan Ebbers DC  
And what about the HONORS Course is special? Dr. Cox and his team come up with a special theme for each one, highlighting topics that come up throughout the year at courses that we don't have time to cover in the time/syllabus of the normal courses. This year's Honors course is September 18-19 and features rehabilitation and exercise for spine pain patients, distraction adjusting applications for hip/knee/shoulder, concussion management tips for sports-involved chiropractors, balance and how Cox F/D impacts it, and Dr. Cox's sharing of afferentation and spinal manipulation's effects on the autonomic nervous system, parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Don't miss it!
“Dr. Cox takes you on an educational journey of the latest research, afferentation, case studies, technique application, and nutritional considerations.  The time invested with his program is never enough.  I look forward to the next clinical encounter with Dr. Cox!” – Mark Korchok DC 
Also, don't wait for your friend/spouse/loved one to get back or neck pain to (re)visit the protocols of The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain ManagementCome now. Your current patients will appreciate it now, and your friend/spouse/loved one will appreciate it all the more later!
See you soon! 


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