Cox Technic Changed My Clinical Practice


Cox® Technic seems to come into practitioner's lives when they need it. A few share that they were frustrated or bored or ready to leave when Cox® Technic came along their paths. Here are a few stories ...

  • "I must say, I am so glad I made this transition to using the Cox technique. In only a few months I don't know how I would practice without it anymore. I have already had patients that I have treated for YEARS with typical diversified technique that just accepted that they were never going to get relief from their lower back pain and with only a couple of treatments with the Cox protocol they are seeing significant improvements. With other cases where you have a rather large patient, doing a side posture adjustment was impossible. Using an Activator or similar adjusting tool was a joke and Thompson drops were minimally valuable. With my new Cox 8 table, it is so easy to counter balance their weight and treat their lower back joints and disc injuries with absolute ease. I no longer have to cringe when I see them walk in the door. On another note, now that I have the capability of doing cervical decompression techniques that has also opened up a whole new world of options. I have a patient that has been diagnosed with something called IBM or Inclusion Body Myositis. Personally, before him, I had never heard of it before. It reminds you a lot of MS. Anyway, this patient was quickly losing function of his arms. I had worked with him over the past year using cold laser techniques which did help some. His neurologist insisted that he go see a PT and undergo 6-8 weeks of rehab exercises. Well, the patient came back after two visits of PT and said that they had dismissed him and said that there was nothing they could do for him. About this time I got my Cox table and just for the hell of it I decided to add the cervical Cox protocol to his treatment plan. I must tell you to my absolute amazement, we have made more progress in a hand full of visits then we had made all last year. I still use the laser techniques, but combined with the Cox it has been amazing. The strength that is returning in his arms was totally unexpected. I often joke with him and remind him that "there is nothing that can be done to help him"! I know I have a lot to learn yet, but I truly appreciate all the work your father has put into this technique. Since I've been out of school, which has been about 17 years now, this is the first thing that I can honestly say has made me feel proud to be a chiropractor. I wish I had met your father [[Dr. Cox]] sooner!" Dr. C.J. Valenti (email 1/27/12 certified at Part II in 11/11)


  • "[Part II] was another great weekend that flew by, just like Boston. I can't honestly remember any other seminar experience of which I can say that. On a personal note, like [Dr. Cox], I was also a valedictorian of my class at National. Unlike him, though, I don't feel like I embraced the fact that this was just the beginning of my learning. Don't get me wrong, I kept up, but I contented myself to employ what I knew, and this was enough to help many people. But taking the Cox courses over this year has really revived my enthusiasm for the profession and the practice, and opened me up to the power of what we can do. Having the EVIDENCE and the PROTOCOL for back and neck pain has made a huge difference for me. And his enthusiasm is infectious. Twenty years in, and I feel invigorated and excited about the next twenty. I can't thank him enough." ~ Dr. Keith Olding, Part II attendee, November 2011


  • "...[[this]] seminar ranks as one of the most important and useful of my 26 year chiropractic career, mainly because of your ability to weave a "seamless garment" of clinical practice management based on reality rather than hypothesis testing or experimenting on each patient. I use the term "seamless garment" because my confidence begins with the initial history and exam of the patient, continues through imaging, analysis and diagnosis and, most importantly, is fulfilled when the patient experiences the powerful simplicity and ease of correcting disabling problems on The Cox table.
    Thank you for your continued successful focus on "routinizing" these most difficult clinical cases. I look forward to future conferences and developments." - David J. Grossi, D.C.
Cox® Technic is more than just a technique. It's a SYSTEM of understanding the biomechanics thoroughly enough to examine and diagnose a patient's condition and set the proper treatment plan for pain relief. Cox® Technic pulls it all together to help the practitioner and his or her patients move forward toward pain relief and a better quality of life.
If you are a physician interested in learning more about Cox® Technic, please consider a workshop or seminar.
If you are a patient wondering if Cox® Technic is for you, consult with a local certified physician.

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