Cox Technic Complete Gets F/D Docs Found

Anesthesiologist -
"Resources and information to disseminate to their patients [is] valauble according to an anesthesiologist"
Medical Colleague -
"Local MD was directed to our website by a mutual patient, was so impressed he came in to see our Cox Table and to learn more about this 'new procedure' that is helping his patients."
Hospital and Google Search -
‎"34 year old male patient with severe right leg pain with numbness and tingling. Was adjusted several times by another chiropractor using Thomson. The drop adjustments made the condition worse and the patient went to the hospital where they took the MRI and recommended flexion/distraction. The CTC website got us the patient. He did not want to continue care at the hospital and found us on Google. The good news is after 13 visits he is reporting 90% improvement with centralized pain in the right SI joint." - Dr. Travis Cross
Cox Technic Complete is a chiropractic website program for online and offline exposure to education for the physician and patient as well as online search engines to get the flexion distraction chiropractic practice noticed. From educational, professional embedded videos on conditions and exercises to offline audio talks from Dr. Cox to the continually updated website for the individual chiropractic practice, Cox Technic Complete is the differentiating chiropractic website program for you.

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