Do your potential patients know...?

Do your potential patients know...? are the back pain specialist? are the chiropractor to see in your town? help manage osteoporosis and disc herniation pain? offer federally funded, well-researched flexion distraction protocols to relieve pain? treat their friends and neighbors?
Today's world of technology and outreach options, you need to have content to fill all those outreach opportunities. Many are free, but you have to be active in putting fresh content out there for all to see. (Maybe you have a staff person who loves to be social. Just let that person go with the content!)
Cox Technic Complete is your solution. The content in the online website portion of this chiropractic website program can help you fill your outreach opportunities from Facebook to Twitter to Linked In to Blogs and Patient Newsletters with pertinent information your patients need to make an educated decision about the provider to see for their pain relief. Bonus: Encourage your patients from these outlets to comment on your services at Google Places and Yelp and Facebook and Twitter, etc.
Yes, it's a project keeping up with all of these. But with content, it's easier. Just link a page about a condition you treat from your Cox Technic Complete website to your Facebook page or copy an article's conclusion to Twitter to tell your community that you are the back pain specialist to take care of their pain. Your contact information is everywhere on the site.
So, check out the Cox Technic Complete program (and all its online and offline components and discounts), an active CTC website, and sign up today for the content you need to make your practice known as the chiropractic back pain specialty clinic to turn to for back pain, neck pain, and extremity pain relief.

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