Doc Roy Siegel for Cox Research Benefit

A note from Dr. Roy Siegel to his east coast colleagues...

My name is Roy Howard Siegel, D.C., D.A.C.B.O. I am contacting you because you are a certified Cox practitioner and I am doing a benefit for Dr. Cox, a fundraiser for the National University of Health Sciences and Palmer College of Chiropractic Research to support their efforts in furthering Cox Technique publication of clinical findings. 

I have known Dr. Cox since 1977 when I flew him to New York to lecture on his technique to my graduating class at NYCC. He is my chiropractic hero.
The show will be at Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village of NYC at 32 Jones Street. Vivaldi is considered a cultural institution for music in NY. Even Bob Dylan played there. 

I do one hour benefit shows monthly on Fridays at 6 pm so that our Broadway performing friends/patients can get to their shows which start at 8 pm. Shannon O'Boyle is doing a lead role in Broadway's Kinky Boots and she is planning to open for me with one or two songs before she runs out to her show.

I have been doing monthly benefits for over 3 years, and I'm told I'm very impressive playing my songs. You can be the judge of that! :) Yes, I was surprised when the Nashville Songwriters Association International named me a songwriter to watch last year. 

There will be no cover at the show which starts promptly at 6. If you come, I will have a variety of Dr. Cox's pens, one for each doctor who donates $100 or more to the fundraiser. 

If you can't come but wish to donate, please send checks written to National University of Health Sciences (memo line: COX FUND) and/or Palmer College of Chiropractic Research (memo line: COX FUND) to 
Julie Cox-Cid
429 E. Dupont Rd. #98
Fort Wayne IN 46825

Best to you,

Roy Howard Siegel, D.C.
Diplomate, American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists 
8 West 65th Street, Suite 1C 
New York, NY 10023 
(212) 769-8911 
Dr. James Cox 
chiropractic physician, research supporter, pen maker
Dr. Cox has always believed that science and research forward his beloved chiropractic profession. He has supported chiropractic research all of his chiropractic professional life. He has created research projects, participated in chiropractic research, funded chiropractic research, written for chiropractic research, published for chiropractic research. He loves chiropractic research.

From his belief that research will keep his profession ahead of the game in the world of spinal manipulation, he donates royalties from his textbooks (which took years of his life to create), honoraria from his lectures over the years, and now funds from interested folks who would like a handmade wood pen that he turns on his own woodworker's lathe and assembles with his own two hands. (There's a theme in what he loves - working with his hands! Chiropractic hands and woodworker's hands!)

penHere is a sample of some of his pens for his current research fund-raising effort:


I look forward to seeing you on August 18!

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