Does Your Website Say "I am a Back Pain Specialist." ?

"I am a back pain specialist!" should emanate from the chiropractic physician's website. The reader should understand how chiropractic care helps.  The world thinks of chiropractic for back pain and leg pain and neck pain and arm pain. For those chiropractic physicians who embrace this reputation, the world wide web must tell the story as well. For flexion distraction physicians, Cox Technic Complete tells the story for you. 
With back pain being so expensive in financial costs and in emotional costs to patients, chiropractic physicians are in the right position to help. They have the skills to diagnose and treat back pain and neck pain. They are the back pain specialists the healthcare world is calling for: less expensive and effective.
Cox Technic offers that 50% relief in 30 days as the gauge for patients to measure care by. If in 30 days, 50% relief is attained, chiropracticcare can continue. If there isn't such relief in 30 days, it's time for more expensive, time-consuming tests and surgeon appointments. 91% of patients find relief in 90 days.
Cox Technic flexion distraction is effective care. It is research documented care. It is evidence based care. It is gentle care. It's often an alternative to back surgery. It is patient satisfying care
So whether you suffer with neck pain or back pain or other such condition or treat these conditions, study about Cox Technic then,
  • if you are a patient,  find a Cox Technic certified physician to help relieve your pain or,
  • if you are a physician, learn more about how you can offer Cox Technic in your chiropractic practice, or 
  • If you are a chiropractic physician who offers flexion distraction in your practice, use the Cox Technic Complete program to tell the world you are a back pain specialist and show what you know and can do. 

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