Dr. Cox Presents at the MAC Convention in Michigan

Dr. James Cox enjoyed the opportunity to present at the Michigan Association of Chiropractors convention in Kalamazoo in September. What a lively weekend of chiropractic treatment, history, and future plans! Dr. Cox shared a basic review of the anatomy of the spine then proceeded to share cases of real patients and their treatment using Cox Technicprotocols to address their sources of pain. Another excitement of the weekend was sharing Haven Innovation's Cox8 Table equipped with force transducers to measure the forces applied to the spine while using the protocols. What an amazing training tool! 
Further, Dr. Cox also shared the most recent biomechanical study out comes of cervical spine flexion distraction application as well as other research published in Trials, J of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, European Spine Journal, Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine and presentations to groups like the Interdisciplinary World Conference on Low Back Pain.
The MAC set up allowed us to also share the slides on the screen as well as a close up of treatment demonstration and the force table graph as the treatment was being applied. How cool!
Thank you to the MAC for their invitation and hospitality! 

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