Dr. Cox's 2024 New Year's Message

 Looking Forward to 2024!
~a note from Dr. Cox ~ 
As a small group of academic-minded clinicians with special interest and ability in spine chiropractic care, our team of NUHS post-grad instructors and certified doctors have impacted our profession's position in medicine. Introducing a complementary spine manipulation while the spine is distracted opened a new era of chiropractic spine research such as

  • Offering low velocity variable amplitude (LVVA) spine manipulation and mobilization for stenotic conditions such as disc herniation, degenerative spondylosis, degenerative scoliosis, radicular pain, degenerative spondylolisthesis, etc. These are conditions often not tolerant of high velocity thrust adjustment.

  • Measuring forces applied with disc distraction spine mobilization and manipulation (SMM) and the compliment of measuring clinical outcome with varying force applied.

  • Introducting ultrasound as the non-ionizing measurement of spine motion created with SMM.

  • Presenting interest in force determination in chiropractic medicine's application of SMM with federal, private and institutional research funding.

  • Presenting of our research at such symposiums as the International Conference on Manual Medicine, ACC RAC, ACA seminars, World Conference on Back and Pelvic Pain, and state associations like the Mississippi Chiro Assoc with Dr. Hazen, Indiana State Chiro Assoc with Dr. Cox, NE Ohio with Dr. Olding, and in professional journals as JMPT, JCCA, Trials, European Spine Journal, Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and others. 

  • Conducting research projects focused at the Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine under the supervision of Ram Gudavalli, PhD, and Ralph Kruse, DC, DIANM, with student instruction of the mechanism, diagnosis and treatment of spine and radicular pain utilizing Cox® distraction procedures.

  • Appreciating the inclusion at most chiropractic universities and colleges of the teaching of some of our procedures in their curriculum as well as the use of the protocols in healthcare institutions like the VA Health System. This continues to grow as our research and clinical outcomes become known.

  • Exploring new topics like balance/fall risk/the danger of same and the benefit of Cox® treatment in improving balance/preventing falls in collaboration with leading chiropractic researchers and research universities as Miami of Ohio, Parker, etc. Kurt Olding, DC, DIANM, is our instructor leading this work.

  • Performing studies showing the spine changes (intradiscal pressure reduction, foraminal area increase, disc height increase, facet joint motion, afferentation, and alteration of triple joint movement) when the spine receives SMM under distraction force with federal research funding as NIH, HRSA, at Loyola Medical Center and Hines VA hospital, etc. Comparative outcome studies of our distraction SMM to physical therapy and exercise have shown the superiority of chiropractic SMM.

  • Certification of licensed chiropractors in distraction SMM continues to grow worldwide, ensuring proper application of forces and directives that set a standard of care to which future research can be compared. It is my personal regret that the chiropractic profession does not embrace distraction SMM with certification; nearly 70% of chiropractors state their use of Cox® distraction SMM without certification in a high percent of cases. What impact could our profession have if we had a majority of practicing chiropractors following accepted guidelines? Yet, I remain grateful and honored to stand with my colleagues who, as Dr. Joseph Janse, my revered mentor, adapted from the Rudyard Kipling poem, The Stranger, often shared:

"Here's to the men of my breed,

Good or bitter bad as they may be,

At least they hear the things I hear,

And see the things I see."


So as too not make this so long that you do not read it, please allow me to thank YOU for the depth of study and clinical utilization of our SMM procedures to date. Our team of instructors are such as I never could have hoped. My daughter, Julie, is our foundation of connection, and more than thanks is warranted. We have successfully trained a great nucleus of chiropractic doctors (and welcome more!) in our work who will continue the growth of what is right and just for our fellow suffering humans.

With humility and appreciation, may I enfold you in a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year,

Jim Cox



Merry Christmas! Happy New Year 2024!

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