Dr. Cox's Birthday Chiropractic Celebration

Dr. Cox so enjoyed his professional family birthday celebration during the Interdisciplinary Spine Conference on Spinal Stenosis 2020! He loved the videos, cards, wine, cigars, a globe, and much more! Thank you to everyone for helping him celebrate!
video greetings LINK TO VIDEO
card greetings

musical greeting by Doc Roy (aka Dr. Roy Siegel NYC):
musical greeting by Dr. George Joachim and Miss Cali Joachim:
And check out his 80 year old hands, hands that have treated so many patients in his 59 years of practice...and several years of turning pens! Check out his latest pens made of CHERRY wood and WALNUT wood! He introduced these at this weekend course, too. (His birthday request: donations to chiropractic research.) Thank you!


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