Dr. Hazen Teaches Cox Seminar Lumbar Spine in California

On February 9-10, 2019, Cox Seminars presented the Lumbar Spine Part I course with Dr. Lee Hazen in San Diego, California. The setting was beautiful! The hotel was right across from the port where cruise ships come in and out and the Star of India is docked all the time. So nice!

And yet we drew ourselves away from the beauty of San Diego to study the spine and how to reduce pain due to spinal stenosis due to any multitude of issues as well as non-discogenic pain conditions of the spine: spondylolisthesis, transitional segment, unequal leg length, tropism, facet syndrome, synovial cysts, etc. 
"Dr. Lee [Hazen] is a delight to study with. His pace is easy to follow - not overwhemling at all. He appropriately challenged my clinical thinking."- Dr. Sara Fighter
Dr. Hazen mixed the weekend with academic presentations of the research and history behind Cox Technic flexion distraction as well as hands-on sessions so attending chiropractors had to opportunity to stand and move as they are used to on a daily basis!
And we used the Cox8 Force Table to finetune the application of forces to the spine while performing Cox Technic.
We look forward to coming back to San Diego this fall for the Cervical Spine Cox Seminar on September 14-15, 2019, the first one offered on the west coast! We are expecting a great group, so sign up early! Dr. Kurt Olding will join Dr. Lee Hazen for this course. 
See you then! 

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